Miss J recently turned 5 and her mom wanted a session of Miss J being herself. It was so much fun capturing her 5 year old self! She knew what kind of poses she wanted, how she wanted to look and occasionally I was able to catch her being relaxed and forgetting about the camera. A few of my favorites from the day –

DSC_8865 vintage

Her favorite tricycle that she has had since her first birthday –


The ankle bracelet was a gift from her swimming lessons teacher –


She had a lot of ideas for poses, this is just one of the many she suggested –


Next it was into her swim suit and the playset before we turned on the water –

DSC_8994 chocolate 

While it was a very warm day, the water was a little cold at first –


Once she got used to the cold water, Miss J had a lot of fun 🙂



Miss J's mom was in charge of the water, but when she gave the hose to J, this is what happened –


Taking a break with Annie, the family dog –


And lastly, playing with lipstick. This is something that she loves to do, but on this day, she got a little carried away with the application 🙂


Thank you, D, for letting me hang out with you and J for a couple of hours and having the chance to capture her being 5.

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  • traci
    July 31, 2008 8:07 am /

    i think she will be a future model. she worked that session. great shots.

  • Hilary
    July 31, 2008 9:43 pm /

    LOVE those pictures. It captures everything that’s good about being 5!

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