I can't believe she's nine! It doesn't seem possible that it was only 9 years ago that I went into my doctor, 11 days overdue, begging to be induced.  Twelve days after her due date, she finally made her appearance into the world on July 13th. Every year, her personality comes through a little bit more. She loves to tell jokes and do magic tricks, play board games, play Webkinz, ride her bike, build things with Legos and she just recently started taking guitar lessons. She also loves to laugh and can find humor in the smallest things.

This fall she will be a 4th grader and that seems even more impossible than her being nine! As she is getting older, the less she likes having her photo taken. However, I was able to convince her that with her new haircut and birthday, I needed a few photos of her.



I've always known that she was double jointed, but didn't realize just how much –


Since G was being silly, her sister had to join the action –


Happy Birthday, G! Eight was a lot of fun, I can't wait to see how nine is!

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  • traci
    July 18, 2008 5:21 pm /

    happy belated birthday to your beautiful girl. love her new haircut!!!

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