The Grand Tetons

Just wanted to share a photo from our summer vacation –

A little story behind the photo – we had left West Yellowstone bright and early that morning in hopes of not having to deal with too much stop and go traveling. The great part about this? We made it through Yellowstone before most of the people were out and about. The bad part, however, is we hit the Tetons as people were stopping to look at them. Traffic wasn’t bad, but all of the pull off areas looked full and we were traveling with a 35 foot camper. Not ideal conditions for stopping and looking. šŸ˜‰ So we drove slowly and I took photos out my window. My only piece of advice when doing this though, is to make sure you actually use your neck strap in case your husband hits a bump as you have your camera hanging out the window. Thankfully I had a good grip on the camera! šŸ™‚ A few months later, I had this blown up to a 30×40 canvas to hang in my husband’s office. It wasn’t until then that I noticed I had captured a heard of elk in the grass. Makes me wonder what else I might notice if I have more of my photos printed big.

About The Photographer

Cindy Gullett

Cindy Gullett

Iā€™m Cindy Gullett, the owner and photographer of Cynthia Gullett Photography. For the past several years, I have been a natural light photographer located in the Platte City/Kansas City. In 2022 we sold our house, bought a 5th wheel, left Missouri, and now travel full time. This site is now dedicated to our tra